First Pres Campus Map

First Pres is located on the corner of Dana Street and Channing Way, a block from Telegraph Avenue in downtown Berkeley. For directions and parking, please click here.

For in-person assistance, please inquire at Reception, located in the lobby of Geneva Hall. Reception is staffed at the following times:

Sunday: 8:30 am–1:30 pm
Monday:  9 am–3 pm
Tuesday: 9 am–5 pm
Wednesday: 9 am–3 pm
Thursday: 9 am–3 pm
Friday: 9 am–3 pm

Room numbers begin with the letter of the building in which they are found (i.e., Geneva Hall rooms begin with the letter G). In addition, first floor room numbers begin with 1, second floor numbers begin with 2, and third floor numbers begin with 3.

Some rooms do not follow this convention, such as the Calvin Room (first floor Geneva Hall); feel free to contact the Church Office at (510) 848-6242 for information before you arrive.