Deacon Care Ministries

The First Pres Deacons lead the caring and hospitality ministries of the church. Deacons are elected by the congregation and are ordained officers of the church (click here to download a position description). Listed below are the current Deacons organized by their term-ending year.

Class of 2017

Liz Ball
Suzanne Bryant
Nicole Callis
Peter Callis
Sylvia Chan Lopez
Bonnie Johnston
Eric Rauscher
Sandra Ramos
Don Swatling
Rich Thompson
Blanca Underhill

Class of 2018

Yasuyo Abe
Lee Bindeman
Christina Davis
Tyler Davis
Ashley Downend
Bob Goss
Kathy Goss
Jan Gustavson
Fa Lu Hutson
Jeannie Lee
Kathy Leong
Rick Redfield
Virginia Robbins
Justin Roth
Peter Schroepfer
Ted Streeter
Patty Uhland
David Wagner
Dot Walker
Jim Walker

Class of 2019

Christopher Anderson
Christin Cooper
Kay Flippo
Arlene Hatfield
Diana Henke
Kurt Osmer
Fara Ratsirarson
Helian Ratsirarson
Mike Williamson