Global Church Conference

The Global Church Conference (GCC) is a biennial weekend-long event that provides an opportunity for us to listen and learn from Majority World voices. As a continuation of last year's GCC Preview, we are delisghted for Dr. Riad Kassis to return to First Pres with his wife Izdihar.  We will again consider themes related to privilege, access, and disparity in addition to the theme of lament as presented at this year's All Church Converence (ACC). We will examine how our faith calls us to trust God and respond in times of crises, and discuss ways the American and Middle Eastern churches can learn from each other.

Dr. Kassis is the International Scholars Program Director for Langham Partnership and also serves as the International Director for ICETE (International Council for Evangelical Theological Education). A resident of Lebanon, Dr. Kassis is a passionate and influential advocate for advancing theological education in the Middle East, Africa, Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe. Dr. Kassis is the author of numerous articles in various languages, seven books in Arabic, and two books in English. Click here find his most recent book “Frustrated with God: A Syrian Theologian's Reflections on Habakkuk”. Izdihar Kassis is the founder of Together for the Family, a Non-Government Organization (NG0) that assists refugee youth aged 12–20 traumatized by the effects of war in Syria.





Date Global Church Conference Schedule
Saturday, September 30, 2017
9:30–11 am, G202 Geneva Hall
Book Discussion: Frustrated With God
Dr. Riad Kassis
Sunday, October 1, 2017
World Communion Sunday
9 and 11:30 am, Sanctuary
Worship: When the Internet Goes Down
Dr. Riad Kassis and Izdihar Kassis
Middle Hour Seminar
10:15–11:15 am, Gym, Westminster Hall
The "Bright Side" of What's Happening in the MENA Region
Dr. Riad Kassis and Izdihar Kassis
Lecture with Q&A:
7 pm, Calvin Room, Geneva Hall
Responding to the Syrian Refugee Crisis
Izdihar Kassis
Monday, October 2
9:30–11:30 am, 1951 Coffee Company
Coffee and Conversation
Dr. Riad Kassis and Rev. Tom Elson
Panel with Q&A:
7 pm, Calvin Room, Geneva Hall
What the American Church and Middle Eastern Church Can Learn From Each Other
Dr. Riad Kassis and Church Leaders


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Questions can be directed to Megan Luckhardt at or (510) 848-6252 ext. 221.