Welcome to the Global Church Conference, a forum for all to come listen to and learn from voices from the Majority World. Our international speakers from Asia, Africa, Latin America, and the Middle East will help us consider the meaning of power as revealed in Jesus Christ and expressed in the contemporary church – in North America and in the Majority World. In particular, how do the actions of American evangelicals clarify or distort the gospel? How do they sound in Africa, Asia, and Latin America? What do brothers and sisters in the Majority World believe Christians in North America need to understand and be or do in order to more faithfully serve Jesus Christ? This conference is an extraordinary opportunity for critical reflection, meaningful conversation, and global friendship.

Audio files for the 2006 Global Church Conference are available here, as well as the conference program. To listen to a recording, click on the mp3 link; to download, right-click the link (click-and-hold for a single-button mouse) and choose the "Save As" option. You can also order a CD recording of any part of the conference; contact Patti Nicolson at (510) 848-6252 ext. 243 or pattin@fpcberkeley.org for more details.

Conference program

Plenary Sessions

Session 1
Fri 7 PM
David Zac Niringiye
"Releasing the Gospel from its Evangelical Captivity"
Session 2
Fri 8:45 PM
Ruth Padilla DeBorst
"Gospel Power: Turning Us from Empire to Community"
Session 3
Sat 9 AM
Ashish Chrispal
"Selflessness as Powerlessness"
Session 4
Sat 10:45 AM
Atef Gendy
"What Gospel do American Evangelicals preach to the Arabs of the Middle East?"


Seminar 1 Ruth Padilla DeBorst
"Latin America: Too Close to the U.S. and Too Far From God"
Seminar 2 David Zac Niringiye
"Born Again Movement in Uganda and Its Social Impact"
Seminar 3
Atef Gendy
"Forgiveness: An Odd Language"
Seminar 4 Ashish Chrispal
"Power Encounter in a Pluralistic World"

Panel Discussion

Sat 7:30-9 PM Panel Discussion/Q&A mp3

Sunday Services

Sun 9 AM Worship Prayer Gathering – Atef Gendy mp3
Sun 9 AM Worship Prayer Gathering – Ruth Padilla DeBorst mp3
Sun 10:45 AM Worship Prayer Gathering – Ashish Chrispal mp3
Sun 10:45 AM Worship Prayer Gathering – David Zac Niringiye mp3
Sun 5:05 PM Concluding Service – Ruth Padilla DeBorst preaching mp3