2008 Global Church Conference

Twenty-eight million people in the world today are slaves: held against their will, forced to work under someone else’s rule, trapped in an endless cycle of control, abuse, and injustice. Some are born, live, and die as slaves. From sex-trafficking to forced labor, across Asia, Africa, and Europe to the United States, slavery thrives. Poverty is the consistent soil in which this horror flourishes. Three billion people today live on $2 or less per day; less than the price of single-shot latté. People inside and outside the Church live this vulnerable, daily nightmare. The 2008 Global Church Conference focuses on slavery in the context of poverty. We hear from Christian leaders from the Majority World who will help us to understand, to engage, and to respond to these realities as an expression of following Jesus Christ.

Audio files for the 2008 Global Church Conference are available here, as well as other conference resources. To listen to a recording streamed on the First Pres website, click "Listen". To download a recording, right-click "mp3" (click-and-hold for a single-button mouse) and choose the "Save As" option. You can also order a CD recording of any part of the conference; contact Patti Nicolson at (510) 848-6252 ext. 243 or pattin@fpcberkeley.org for more details.

Conference program
Biblical Perspectives on Justice by Mark Labberton
Ways to respond to the GCC

Plenary Sessions

Session 1
Fri 7 PM
Mike Perreau
"Poverty and Slavery: Global Insights"
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Session 2
Fri 8:45 PM
Bethany Hoang with Elisabeth
"A Story of Rescue"
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Session 2a
Sat 10:30 AM
Bethany Hoang with Elisabeth
"A Story of Rescue" interview
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Session 3
Sat 9 AM
Jaime Farrant
"Human Trafficking in Latin America"
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Session 4
Sat 10:45 AM
Pranitha Timothy
"Slavery Uncovered"
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Session 5
Sat 1:30 PM
Joseph Ciza
"Sexual Abuse, Child Soldiers, War and Economic Need"
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Seminar 1 Joseph Ciza
"Gender-Based Violence in the Context of Conflict"
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Seminar 2 Bethany Hoang, International Justice Mission
"A Biblical Mandate to Seek Justice – the Work of IJM"
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Seminar 3
Pranitha Timothy
"Eliminating Slavery – Reality of Then and Now"
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Seminar 4 Jaime Farrant
"Human Trafficking Across Latin America"
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Seminar 5
Mike Perreau
"Poverty and Slavery: Mobilization in Practice"
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Sunday Services

Sun 10 AM Worship Prayer Gathering – Elisabeth    Listen mp3
Sun 10 AM Worship Prayer Gathering – Pranitha Timothy    Listen mp3
Sun 10 AM Worship Prayer Gathering – Nathan George, Elisabeth    Listen mp3
Sun 10 AM Worship Prayer Gathering – Joseph Ciza    Listen mp3
Sun 10 AM Worship Prayer Gathering – Open Prayer    Listen mp3
Sun 11:27 AM Worship Prayer Gathering – Pranitha Timothy, Joseph Ciza Listen mp3
Sun 11:27 AM Worship Prayer Gathering – Jaime Farrant Listen mp3
Sun 5:05 PM Concluding Service Listen mp3