Justice, Poverty, Oppression, Women

Around the world today, women and girls bear a disproportionate amount of the consequences of war, violence, poverty, trafficking, and oppression of every kind. In his life and ministry, Jesus consistently moved toward the oppressed and marginalized, and, very often, women. How can people of faith today follow Christ's example and act in love against the oppression of women and girls in our world? Hear from Majority World Christians as they share their perspectives and the ways that God has spoken into their lives around the issues of justice, poverty, oppression, and women. We pray that their wisdom will inform and encourage us to live more courageously, justly, and creatively in our context.

Audio files for the 2014 Global Church Conference, as well as other conference resources, may be found here. To listen to a recording streamed on the First Pres website, click "Listen". To download a recording, right-click "mp3" (option-click for a single-button mouse) and choose the "Save As" option. You may also order a CD recording of any part of the conference; contact Patti Nicolson at (510) 848-6252 ext. 243 or pattin@fpcberkeley.org for more details.

Conference program
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Plenary Sessions  

Session 1 – Friday PM Anne Zaki Listen mp3
Session 2 – Friday PM Micah Bournes Listen mp3
Session 3 – Saturday 9 AM Athena Gorospe Listen mp3
Session 4 – Saturday 11 AM Pablo Villeda Listen mp3


Micah Bournes Listen mp3

Athena Gorospe Listen mp3

Pablo Villeda Listen mp3

Question & Answer Session  

Saturday 3:30 PM Q&A with Conference Speakers Listen mp3

World Communion Sunday  

Worship Service Speaker: Anne Zaki Listen mp3