Little Book Sales

The Little Book Sale

For many years, there was a large book sale once a year. It was fun and rewarding, but also a great deal of work. The last several years of increasing demand for room use at church caused logistics issues such that it became too much to continue the large book sale.

We love the idea of books being recycled. We like the way people enjoy bringing the books they are done with and we love it when people find treasures they have been searching for or unexpected delights in books they knew nothing about. The sale also helps us keep the church library going.

In 2018, we decided to experiment with a new way of selling books. We have conducted “Little Book Sales," and they seem to be going well as we’ve worked out how to best do them. In the summer, we had a general fiction theme which was popular. During the fall, we invited people to bring in Christian books of any type. Those books have been sorted and are being sold during the rest of the year in two-week offerings.

Book Sale Schedule for Spring 2019

February 3 & 10:  History, biography, and memoir.
February 17 & 24:  Parenting books and books on caring for older people, including those with Alzheimer's.
March 3 & 10: Travel books and books telling about life in other countries.
March 17 & 24: Books on sports, business, politics, and sociology.

Book Donation Schedule for 2019

In January, we will ask people to bring in non-fiction secular books. We will sort them and offer two-week sales through the spring. At some point, we will certainly ask for children’s books and have a big sale of those, as well (email if you have a suggestion about the best time to collect and sell). So, for the future, plan on bringing your used books in at four times of the year:

January:  Secular non-fiction books
June: Fiction
September: Christian books
To be announced: Children's books

We hope you will begin putting aside books you are finished with and when the category comes up for the sale, you will bring them in. We also encourage you to monitor the Little Book Sale schedule and come buy books! We will try to cover all subjects over a year’s time.

Our library is located on the main floor of Westminster Hall. To find out more about the library Click here.