The Little Book Sale

The Little Book Sale

For many years, there has been a large book sale once a year. It has been fun and rewarding, but also a great deal of work. The last several years, as more groups and ministries have developed in the church, there has been a problem with space. We have had to organize books in a small space, then do the arduous work of transferring them to Mears and reorganizing This has become too much for us, along with the work of getting rid of all the remaining books.

We love the idea of books begin recycled. We like the way people enjoy bringing the books they are done with and we love it when people find treasures they have been searching for or unexpected delights in books they knew nothing about. The sale also helps us keep the church library going.

We decided we’d like to experiment with a new way of doing the sales. In this plan, we would invite people to bring books in one or two narrow categories only. Those books would go on sale the next week in the library on movable shelves (bring the right change and your own bags).

We started a bit awkwardly at the beginning of 2018, with just information in the library, so our first sale (of mysteries and thrillers) was very tiny. Our second sale (of general fiction) included a larger number of books. We have a schedule that goes up until Palm Sunday (see below). We will then evaluate and decide if we will proceed. Please give us feedback. You can drop notes in the library return slot.

We hope you will begin putting aside books you are finished with and when the category comes up for the sale, you will bring them in to sell. We will try to cover all subjects over a year’s time.

After a successful small book sale on February 18, we have decided to continue the sales. We will have specific topics until summer, then move to fiction, at least for the beginning of the summer. In the fall, we’ll start asking for some Christian categories.

Here are the dates coming up:

June 3:   sale of books on cooking, interior decorating, gardening, crafts, how-tos
June 10: bring books on business, finance, management skills, personal finances, careers, etc.
June 17: sale on business and finance books
June 24: bring books for older kids—age 9 to adult
July 8–end of August: bring "summer reading"—fiction of all sorts, as well as good DVDs. We'll have a continuous, changing sale of fiction and DVDs as they appear

In the fall we will begin a series of Christian book sales. Watch for the schedule in August.

Our library is located on the main floor of Westminster Hall. To find out more about the library Click here .