Steps to Completing the First Pres Mission Study

1. Organize—done
The Mission Study Team forms, is commissioned, and begins regular meetings to follow the process outlined in the Presbytery's Healthy Congregations Mission Study Guide.

2. Define Scope—done
Healthy Congregations committee liaisons hold orientation for the Mission Study Team. Per the Mission Study Guide, the scope of the Mission Study looks at the history (past 5-10 years), current status, and sets future direction (1-7 years) for the congregation in the areas of:

  • Spiritual health
  • Membership and church growth
  • Finances and stewardship
  • Pastoral leadership
  • Mission and social justice
  • Its role and relationship to the community where it is located
  • Its relationship to Presbytery

3. Reflect and Plan—done
Determine goals, key stakeholders, report contents/outline, and Mission Study process design. Utilize relevant resources including books, other church Mission Studies, websites, church experts, etc.

4. Engage and Gather Data—done
Meet with key stakeholder groups to set the foundation to engage the congregation. Collect demographic and quantitative data about our church (e.g., First Pres census, finances, etc) and our community (e.g., U.S. Census) to write data-specific report sections. Design research questions and engage all stakeholder groups (we have 75+) via surveys, interviews, meetings, phone calls, and other methods.

5. Analyze and Summarize—done
Review and analyze all information from engagements and quantitative data. Summarize findings that apply to our history, as well as current and future direction. Write analysis sections.

6. Envision—done
Prayerfully reflect and consider the findings from the stakeholder engagements and gathered data. Conduct additional research and analysis as needed. Affirm Mission Statement and Vision Statement to guide the congregation over the next 1-7 years, including supporting goals and objectives.

7. Report—done
Complete the Mission Study report, including drafts, reviews, and edits. Determine the report format and communication plan for Session and the Presbytery, as well as the congregation.

8. Session Review and Adoption—done
Present report to Session for adoption. Upon adoption, submit Mission Study to the Presbytery/Healthy Congregations for review.

9. Presbytery Review and Approval—done
Presbytery can request more information. Upon Presbytery approval, Session thanks and dismisses the Mission Study Team. The Mission Study is now ready to be used by the  Pastor Nominating Committee to call our next senior pastor.