Nominating Committee

Nominating Committee

The primary responsibility of the Nominating Committee is to select candidate slates for Elder, Deacon, and Nominating Committee for election by the congregation each year at the Annual Meeting. When needed, the Nominating Committee also selects candidates for Pastor Nominating Committees and Presbytery Commissioners (First Pres' representatives to the San Francisco Presbytery).  

Elders, Deacons, and Nominating Committee to be elected
at the March 3 Annual Meeting

Download the 2019 candidate materials or pick up a printed copy at Reception. 

You can learn more about the roles of Elders and Deacons by reading the webpages for Session and Deacons. To contact the Nominating Committee, please email

Please pray for the Nominating Committee and our work.

2019 Nominating Committee,

Anna Fellers, Elder and Co-Chair
Janice Kolberg, Elder and Co-Chair
Molly Garritson 
Jason Gorski 
Daly Jordan-Koch 
Roland Peterson 
Peter Schroepfer, Deacon