Steps to Calling A New Senior Pastor

Listed below are the steps to calling a new Senior Pastor. For more information, contact the Pastor Nominating Committee at

1. Organize—done
Slate of Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC) members proposed by Session and voted on by the congregation. Weekly meetings begin, attended by a member of the Presbytery of San Francisco Committee on Ministry (COM) as needed.

2. Explore—done
Design and implement methods for input from the congregation, Session, and staff. Listen to and consider what God is saying about who we are and whom we are looking for in light of the recently completed Mission Study.

3. Create—done
Write Church Information Form (CIF), produce job description, compensation range, and descriptions of First Pres' congregation, mission, and ministry. CIF must be approved by Session and COM.

4. Search—done
Use all appropriate methods to publicize the opening, follow up referrals, and network for recommendations. Rely on the Holy Spirit to highlight candidates whom God might be calling.

5. Consider—done
Prayerfully evaluate each suitable candidate's Personal Information Form (PIF), available sermons , books, and papers. Set up initial phone interviews.

6. Select—done
Conduct interviews, visit top candidates in his/her own environment, and follow up on references. Reference checks by presbytery on final candidates. Pray, confer with COM, and extend a call to one candidate. COM examines candidate for membership in presbytery.

7. Nominate—done
Report to Session and the congregation. Schedule a candidating sermon at First Pres and also a congregational meeting following. Following approval by both the congregation and the presbytery, the terms of call and installation commission are finalized.

8. Celebrate—in progress
First Pres hosts an installation service for the new Senior Pastor. We give thanks to God.