Upside Down Kingdom

Ephesians: The New Community

Jesus is always surprising. In the Gospel of Luke, Jesus takes the common understanding of values such as power, comfort, prestige, and success, and turns them upside-down. He redefines what it means to be right with God and where to find life. He says surprising things about power and leadership and what it means to be great. Join us in the months ahead as we are surprised and challenged by the person and teachings of Jesus Christ and learn anew what it means to be citizens of his Upside Down Kingdom.

We invite you to follow along in our current sermon series by reading the scripture texts before or after each Sunday. Sermons are archived in our Audio Library, and you can also listen to or download the podcast for each week's complete services (available through the following week). 

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Date Scripture Passage
January 6

A Sure Foundation
Luke 6:46–49
January 13 The Wisdom of Ringo Starr
Luke 18:18–30
January 20
When Shrewd is Good
Luke 16:1-15
January 27 Why I Give
2 Corinthians 8:7-9
February 3
Communion Sunday  
More Than Blood
Luke 8:40-56
February 10 Jesus: Inspiring and Disturbing Presence
Luke 9:18–27
February 17
High is Low
Luke 9:46–48
February 24 Prayer Doesn't Need to Be Complicated
Luke 11:1–3
March 3
Communion Sunday  
Luke 13:18–20