Session The First Pres Session is the governing body of the church. Session includes Pastors and Elders who are the voting members of Session. Elders are elected by the congregation as ordained officers of the church for three-year terms at the Annual Meeting in the Spring, are ordained in April, and active service begins in May. There are two non-voting members, the Clerk of Session, and the Executive Director for Operations.

The role of an Elder is to serve as a spiritual overseer of the church, determining church policy, exercising leadership, government and discipline while acting as a shepherd to the congregation, setting an example for all. Serving on the Session, Elders are expected to hold the entirety of the church and its mission and vision along with the other service that they offer. Serving as an Elder is a rewarding and demanding calling that requires Christ-centered commitment, ongoing prayer, humility, and discernment through community. (Click here to download the Elder position description including responsibilities and qualifications).

Session Meetings

Session generally meets on the third Tuesday of the month. Dates are listed on the church calendar. Meetings are open to congregants. Time is allotted at the beginning of Session meetings for congregant comments if any are in attendance (each guest is allowed 5 minutes, with Session allotting up to a total of 30 minutes for comments). Guests may be required to leave if Session is conducting confidential business. 

Approved Minutes and Meeting Agendas: Click here to view Session materials, including approved Session meeting agendas and minutes. Minutes are generally posted 4–5 weeks following each meeting (as minutes are approved by Session at the following month’s meeting). The Session Agenda is typically posted 4–5 days in advance of each meeting.

Monthly Lunch with Elders

From December 2016–December 2017, two to three Ruling Elders of Session enjoyed hosting informal lunch gatherings at The Table… in order for congregants and Elders to better get to know each other, and discuss any questions or feedback. As the months have gone on, Elder lunch attendance has lessened indicating that the need for these lunches has decreased. So, starting January 2018, the regular monthly Elder lunches will no longer occur. Informal Elder Lunches may still be scheduled on an occasional basis as an avenue for feedback and questions.

Writing to Session

To send comments, questions or feedback for distribution to session members, please email

2020–2022 Session

Class of 2020

Randy Brown
Doug Chin
Charlene Chong
Paul Davis
Anna Fellers
Rod Hughes
Janice Kolberg

Class of 2021

Martha Allen
Leslie Badoian
John Barthel
Sandy Buscheck
Miguel López
Andy Satchwell
Vicki Stairs

Class of 2022

Jason Draut
Karen Erickson
Bob Goss
Monica Munger
Aileen Schier
Eliot Smyrl
Leah Tang 

Steve Schibsted, Teaching Elder and Session Moderator
Mark Stryker, Teaching Elder
Tom Elson, Teaching Elder
Delianne Koops, Teaching Elder
Mark Frisbie, Clerk of Session
Sue Burger, Executive Director for Operations, non-voting

Click here to download Elder ministry assignments