Invitation to Support Emergency Relief Funds 

For those seeking ways to support people fleeing violence in Ukraine and provide humanitarian aid, we invite you to donate to the Presbyterian Church USA Disaster Relief-International Refugee Programs fund. This is an important opportunity for us to love concretely and serve generously. The need is urgent and great.

To donate, click here.

Invitation to Lift Our Voices as One in Prayer

As we wake to another day of news of war, death, fighting and fleeing, our hearts ache and our souls cry out. For those of you who don’t have the words, may this prayer below from our Senior Pastor, Charlene Han Powell guide you.

For families discerning how to have conversations with their children about Ukraine, view this resource from our Director of Children and Family Ministry, Rosemarie Eichner-Raja.

A Prayer for Ukraine

God of Peace Time, God of War Time, God of All Time,

From the quiet and comfortable corners of our homes, we are disquieted and uncomfortable.
From our peaceful sanctuaries and safe havens, we see wars being waged and lives being lost.

The disconnect is too much to comprehend at times. What is and what should be. What you promised your people and creation and the reality we are living.

From conflict to conflict, uncertainty to uncertainty, day to day, we grasp for your presence and assurance to guide us through the living of these days.

So we ask you now to be with us this day.

Lord, have mercy on your children in Ukraine. Where there is war, sow peace.
Where there is mourning, offer comfort.
Where there is suffering, provide healing.
Where there is tyranny, empower wisdom and humility.
And where there is evil, nurture goodness.

This is not the first war humanity has waged and it will not be our last. And yet we hold out hope that you have not given up on us. You will not give up on us. Instead you are relentlessly transforming us and continuing the good work you started in us until Christ comes again in glory.

Until that day, make our hope real. Even now, especially now, Lord, hear our prayers.