On September 11, 2022, the Creation Care & Climate Justice Working Group is hosting an art event, And It Was Good after worship. The event invites and encourages the entire congregation of members and friends of the First Pres community to take a moment to intentionally engage with nature and create a tangible expression of the blessing they received during that experience.

Event will be held on Plaza and in Calvin Hall

Invitation to the Entire First Pres Community  To Participate – All Ages Welcome! Submissions needed by September 3. 

We invite everyone to be an integral part of this art event. To make a submission, all you need to do is take a few moments to sit or walk outside while intentionally focusing on the natural wonders that God blesses you with during that time. You can do this alone or with a friend or as a family. Then, either take a photo, make a sketch, or even write a short poem that flows from that experience.

Send your submissions to Amanda Lucas at [email protected] by September 3. It will be part of a collaborative work. “A walk is a great prayer.” –Anne Lamott

Cookies and Cupcakes for Creation Care

We are all uniquely created by God to be creative in our own unique way. For some it’s through a camera, a canvas, or clay or cloth. For others it’s a culinary creation!

Celebrate God’s good creation by sharing your favorite baked good. Nothing says welcome and fosters community like sharing homemade (or someone-made) goodies.

Please bring 1-2 dozen treats to the Plaza on Sunday, September 11, between 10–10:40 am. You will be able to fill out your very own “exhibit label” with the name of your creation (and if there are nuts or made gluten free, etc.).

Opportunities to Serve

Another way to contribute to this event is through your gift of time. Servers are needed to: –
-Receive and distribute Cookies, Cupcakes and other Culinary Creations to the serving tables prior to the worship service
-Clean up serving tables and consolidate remaining items at the end of the event

To sign up to serve, click HERE.