Support the Deacon Fund


Life can be unpredictable and difficult; at one point or another, we all need extra support.

Support the Deacon Fund2024-06-14T12:49:16-07:00

Life Skills Training Class


Learn skills for listening to others and the importance of healthy boundaries. Deadline to register is January 3.

Life Skills Training Class2024-01-05T12:49:40-08:00

Deacon Ministry


Deacons are an integral part of the church—come join us in serving the First Pres community.

Deacon Ministry2024-01-29T13:46:59-08:00

Parish Ministry


First Pres is in your neighborhood! Get connected with your parish to learn more.

Parish Ministry2024-01-29T13:45:20-08:00

All Saints Sunday


Please register the name of a loved one who has died this past year so they may be remembered in worship on All Saints Sunday.

All Saints Sunday2023-11-05T15:33:29-08:00

Grief Support Group


This group offers support and allows you to connect to others. You do not need to grieve alone. There is no charge to attend. You can register or just drop in.

Grief Support Group2023-09-07T20:58:39-07:00
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