Cal Welcome BBQ & FoCUS Preview


Hey Cal students, join us for our Welcome BBQ! First, we'll eat some good food and just chat. Then, we'll preview our weekly college ...

Cal Welcome BBQ & FoCUS Preview2023-09-03T15:14:14-07:00

Welcome Graduate Students


Grad students, First Pres welcomes YOU! Located next to the UC Berkeley campus, First Pres has been a home for graduate students, post docs, ...

Welcome Graduate Students2023-08-24T17:53:11-07:00

Cal Move-In


Cal students and families, First Pres welcomes YOU! Need a place to park or a rest break as you move into the dorms? We ...

Cal Move-In2023-08-17T14:26:45-07:00

Cal Study Hall


Calling all Cal Students! First Pres is excited to welcome you to our campus and provide study space, free food, and good WiFi, May ...

Cal Study Hall2023-07-19T11:07:22-07:00

Lent and Holy Week 2023 at First Pres


Invitation to Lent & Holy Week We invite you to explore the many ways to connect, grow, serve, and worship in community during Lent ...

Lent and Holy Week 2023 at First Pres2023-03-01T15:25:34-08:00

Serve at the Reception Desk!


One practical way to serve our First Pres community is to be a welcoming presence in our Reception Lobby on Sunday mornings. Whether helping ...

Serve at the Reception Desk!2023-05-10T10:55:11-07:00
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