Children’s Ministry Programs on campus are on pause in January until in-person worship services resume. During this time, we invite you to worship as a family each Sunday utilizing the resources on this page.

We hope the reflections from our Children’s Director, Rosemarie Eichner-Raja, and the accompanying parent pages encourage you to read these passages and discuss them with your children each week. May you be richly blessed by the time you spend together in God’s word!

January 9

This Sunday is Baptism of Our Lord Sunday. This is the day the Presbyterian Church (and many other denominations) celebrates the day that Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist in the Jordan River. This is also a day to celebrate or look forward to our own baptism into the family of God. Our story this week describes the sacrament of Baptism and places it in the context of the stories that feature water in the Bible, the central saving work of Jesus Christ, and the comforting emboldening presence of the Holy Spirit.

We in Children’s and Family Ministry send out a Baptism card to each child (for whom we have this information) on the anniversary of their Baptism each year. We encourage families to celebrate and remember this special date, and to share stories of their children’s Baptism with them, especially since many of them were too young to remember for themselves. This is a great time of year to share the story of your own Baptism with your children and tell them what it has meant for you to live a baptized life. 

If your children have not been baptized and show interest in Baptism, please contact Rosemarie.

January 16

This Sunday, we will be beginning our unit on the Parables of Jesus in Godly Play. Jesus very often spoke in parables when he taught, using objects and experiences that were familiar to his audience to point to greater spiritual realities. Parables are extended metaphors that point to the Kingdom of God, which has come in the person and actions of Jesus Christ.

The first story we tell in this unit is that of the Good Shepherd. This presentation beautifully combines the Parable of the Lost Sheep in Matthew and Luke, the Good Shepherd identity statement in the book of John, and the strong, comforting language of Psalm 23. In this parable, children encounter their loving God in the person of Jesus Christ. The Good Shepherd knows them by name, calls them to follow him, provides them with the good things they need, is present in times of danger, and will sacrifice his life to save them. What awe-inspiring good news!

January 23

Resources will be available the Friday evening before.

January 30

Resources will be available the Friday evening before.