This year, we are honored to collect a special Christmas Eve offering for two of our partners working with Refugee communities in our neighborhood and around the world.

We know that Mary, Joseph, and Jesus–just like refugees today– needed a place to stay, a safe place to retreat. The Wisemen brought them helpful gifts, ones they could carry with them on their journey, gifts that could help them set up a new home in a new land.

There are many ways to support a refugee, or to welcome them into the community. 1951 Coffee Company values an “extraordinary welcome” that comes in a delicious cup of coffee but really, this organization’s welcome is about training and educating refugees and asylum seekers, so they are able to be self-sustaining in their new home.

Together for the Family, our partner on the Lebanon and Syria border, provides practical care. Every day, they nourish children and families through hot meals, medical services, and education, as well as teach skills for future employment opportunities. Join us in sharing our Christmas gifts with these two mission partners.

Donations will be received Christmas Eve service in the offering plate or you may donate online December 23–31. To donate by check, please write “Christmas Eve Offering” in the memo line.

If you have any questions, please contact Beth Thomsen.