The Session, comprised of Pastors and Elders, is the governing body of the church. Elders are elected by the congregation as ordained officers to serve three-year terms. They determine policy and exercise leadership, governance, and discipline, all while acting as shepherds to the congregation. Session meetings are open to congregants, with time allotted for congregants to speak. If you would like to attend a meeting, contact

Class of 2024: Yasuyo Abe, Tim Buscheck, Phillippe Daniel, Rick Leong, Jenny Martinez, Jamie McClave
Class of 2025: Mindy Creson, Daly Jordan-Koch, Jeff Reimer, Matt Richards, Sally Van Etten, Jean Veltema
Class of 2026: Sherry Dabney, Ashley Downend, Doug Dunderdale, Antonio Lao, James Obert, Clark Sept

Moderator & Teaching Elder: Charlene Han Powell
Teaching Elders: Drew Paton, Mark Stryker, Michelle Vecchio-Lyzenga
Clerk of Session: James Obert
Non-voting: Sue Burger


Deacons are ordained servant-leaders of the church. They are elected by the congregation to serve three-year terms. Deacon Ministry includes prayer, care for the sick, elderly, or bereaved, serving communion in worship, hosting memorial service receptions, and organizing service projects within the church. Deacons are key to the success of our Parish Ministry.

Class of 2024: Lillian Chan, Brian Conery, Janet Conery, Mike Cusick, Krista Easton, Beverly Estes, Carolyn Hendsch, Joann Johnson, Treve Johnson, Janice Kolberg, John Moon, Mary Nowee, Camille Peterson, Vanha Pham, Grace Su, Linda Toland, Ruth Traylor, Donna Van Noord, Sue Yajko
Class of 2025: Jane Davis, Patti Engle, Sandra Hearn, Robert Young
Class of 2026: Conrad Brenneman, Anne Diggins, Chris Lasack, Don Louie, Linda Mackey, Joyce Nelson

Pastoral Leadership: Mark Stryker
Moderator: Joann Johnson

Nominating Committee

Every year, the congregation elects new Elders and Deacons to serve the church. The Nominating Committee identifies potential officers and proposes slates of candidates at the Annual Congregational Meeting each spring. Although they are not officers of the church, Nominating Committee members are elected by the congregation and serve one-year terms.

2023–2024: Mike Cusick (Deacon), Jenn Draut, Chuck Fry, Roselyn Hsueh, Calvin James, Clay Radke
Elder Chair: Daly Jordan-Koch