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So often we turn to God for answers, but if we look at Jesus’ example in the Gospels, we see that he was far more interested in asking questions. Whether talking to his disciples, the religious elite, or complete strangers, he used questions to uncover hard truths and reveal divine mysteries. “Do you love me?” “Why do you call me good?” “Why are you so afraid?”

Inspired by his relentless curiosity, we continue our year-long journey of asking questions by exploring some of the most provocative questions the Son of God posed to those he encountered. Whether or not we find the answers, we are guaranteed to learn something about Jesus and a lot about ourselves.

Want to go deeper into the texts? Join us on Thursdays, February 15–March 21, for Lent // Listen // Lunch, a brief organ meditation and a pastor-led discussion on the scripture and question of the week.

February 18: 1st Sunday in Lent
Mark 5:1–20
“What Is Your Name?”

February 25: 2nd Sunday in Lent
Matthew 14:22–33
“Why Did You Doubt?”

March 3: 3rd Sunday in Lent
Luke 13:18–19
“What Is the Kingdom of God Like?”

March 10: 4th Sunday in Lent
John 8:1-11
“Has No One Condemned You?”

March 17: 5th Sunday in Lent
Matthew 6:25-34
“Can Any One of You by Worrying Add a Single Hour to Your Life?”

March 24: Palm Sunday
Mark 8:27-30
“Who Do You Say That I Am?”

March 31: Easter Sunday
John 20:11–18
“Why Are You Weeping? Who Is It You Are Looking For?”