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There is a mysterious space between human conversation and divine prayer where some of our most honest questions can be found. Questions like, “Why is this happening to me? How do I know this is real? What will become of my life?” This Advent, we will explore these liminal questions with the help of the Gospel according to Luke. As we retell the story of Jesus’ birth, we will journey with those who carried the truth of his existence—all the while trusting that the best things are found in the most unexpected of places.

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December 3: 1st Sunday of Advent
“How Will I Know That This Is So?”
Luke 1:18

December 10: 2nd Sunday of Advent
“How Can This Be Since I Am a Virgin?”
Luke 1:34

December 17: 3rd Sunday of Advent
“Why Has This Happened to Me, That the Mother of My Lord Comes to Me?”
Luke 1:43

December 24, 10 am: 4th Sunday of Advent
Congregational Christmas Pageant
“Where Is the Child Who Has Been Born King of the Jews?”
Matthew 2:1–2

December 24, 9 pm: Christmas Eve
Service of Lessons & Carols

December 31: 1st Sunday after Christmas
“Child, Why Have You Treated Us Like This?”
Luke 2:48

January 7: Epiphany
“What Then Should We Do?”
Luke 3:10