A tech team volunteer monitors the Video station, sitting in front of two monitors with one hand on a video switcher's numbered buttons, preparing to change shots between cameras.

Support in-person and livestream worship by serving on the Tech Team!

The Tech Team is an indispensable part of worship at First Pres. Team members are responsible for the production side of our weekly services: microphones, cameras, slides, and everything on our YouTube livestream.

Don’t worry, it’s not as intimidating as that might sound! All volunteers receive training and time to observe before stepping into action. 

The Tech Team includes Audio, Video, and Media roles:

Audio techs set up microphones, mix levels in the house and on stream during worship, and tear down the equipment when it’s over. If you have a careful ear, quick reflexes, and welcome the unexpected, this is the position for you!

Media techs work with slide projection and video playback. With a good sense of timing and attentiveness, you make it possible for worship leaders and congregants to follow along with liturgy and song lyrics smoothly.

Video techs control our cameras and direct what’s being sent to the livestream. You create the visual experience of worship for our livestream viewers by choosing camera angles, framing what’s happening in the service, and deciding on timing between cuts.

Tech team volunteers at the Audio and Media stations, one older man wearing headphones at a mixer board with faders in various positions, one younger at a keyboard in front of a computer.

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