Use your time and skills to serve the First Pres community.

Be part of what God is doing at and through First Pres! Serving is one of the ways we support our church community and make ministry possible. Through our service, we can connect with others, deepen relationships, and live out our faith.

Welcome Team

Hospitality has always been a hallmark of God’s people. Be part of the team that extends hospitality on Sunday mornings by greeting new and familiar faces, helping newcomers explore ways to connect, and serving communion. Contact Janet Sanders.

Children’s Ministry

Join the amazing team of volunteers who teach Godly Play curriculum and care for children on Sunday mornings. Contact Rosemarie Eichner-Raja.

Youth Ministry

Youth Ministry volunteers help lead our Sunday morning and Thursday evening gatherings, lend a hand with youth events on weekends, offer rides for ministry trips, and assist with the youth choir. Contact Dave Carranza.

University Ministry

Our FoCUS program needs hosts to meet regularly with students to share life and faith. FoCUS Partner Families host students for a meal and Bible study. Volunteers bring food for the end-of-the-semester study hall and join students in service projects. Contact Kathy Timpte.

Caring Ministries

Assisting at memorial service receptions, visiting homebound church members, joining a virtual prayer team, or becoming an Active Listening Minister are just a few ways to serve. Contact David Wagner.

Christian Formation

If you are interested in facilitating or hosting a Bible study, leading a Community Group, or volunteering in our library, contact Janet Sanders.

Worship & Communications

Are you a photographer or a poet, a singer or a seamstress, a web designer or a wordsmith? There are many opportunities to use your creative and musical gifts at First Pres. Contact Li-Wen Monk.


Like to organize or help make things work smoothly? Participate in building & grounds projects or get involved in administrative and office work. Contact Sue Burger.