Working groups speak to some of the world’s most urgent concerns.

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Each of our working groups explores how Scripture and faith inform our lives as Christians as we consider how to be effective advocates for justice. From there, we work to educate, equip, and empower our fellow congregants and the community at large to take meaningful action. We invite you to be part of this sacred work.

Racial Justice + The Church

In Scripture, and throughout history, God has called God’s people to participate in the creation of the beloved community, breaking down barriers, seeking justice, and transforming hearts and systems.

Our vision is that all members and friends of the congregation—people of all racial identities—respond to the Gospel’s call to actively engage in racial justice. We endeavor to consider how race, racism, and racial justice are enacted both inside the church and within our larger society. And, in response to God’s love, we consider ways that we can “love our neighbor” across racial lines in both interpersonal and systemic ways.

We invite you to join us as we continue to explore, and work to create, God’s beloved community. For more information, contact us at


Creation Care + Climate Justice

This working group is committed to educating the congregation and broader community about the global climate emergency and the crisis of biodiversity loss facing our country and the world. We strive to shine light on the reality that the climate crisis presses mostly heavily on those in distressed economic conditions, often including communities of color and indigenous peoples.

We believe that God sees all of creation, formed by God, as very good (Genesis 1:31) and that we, as part of that creation, are called to interact responsibly with it, and to preserve and care for it. We seek to catalyze positive change by providing opportunities to reconnect with nature, explore informational resources, and take action.

To participate in this work or learn more about what we do, please contact Cherie Holcomb at