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Free Burma Rangers


To volunteer: info@freeburmarangers.orgFirst Pres liaison: Kathy Dwyer Under the leadership of Dave and Karen Eubanks and their family, Free Burma Rangers works in the conflict-ridden areas of ...

Free Burma Rangers2023-07-21T16:17:23-07:00

Oasis Africa Counseling Center


Contact: Dr. Gladys Mwiti, founderFirst Pres liaison: Leah Tang Oasis Africa Counseling Center provides psychological support to vulnerable groups in Kenya and beyond. Programs address issues including ...

Oasis Africa Counseling Center2023-07-21T16:16:53-07:00

Project Mercy


First Pres liaison: Leah Tang Project Mercy is a nonprofit organization in Ethiopia working to “renew the heart of a nation” by rooting out systemic poverty ...

Project Mercy2023-07-21T16:16:16-07:00

Rotacare Richmond


To volunteer: Amit Randhawa, 510-871-4974First Pres liaison: Marie Corwin RotaCare Richmond offers bilingual medical care to uninsured adults in Richmond, California. An all-volunteer staff provides a range ...

Rotacare Richmond2023-07-21T16:03:55-07:00

Oasis Africa: Pastor counseling-support session


Wellness for a Pastor is wellness for the congregation. Pastors are important cornerstones of community. Yet, serving among struggling populations, many feel overwhelmed with congregants’ ...

Oasis Africa: Pastor counseling-support session2022-11-09T12:28:55-08:00
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