Project Peace East Bay


Contact: contact@projectpeaceeastbay.org, 510-402-5060First Pres liaison: Mindy Phillips Project Peace East Bay creates partnerships among local churches, schools, and social service providers to work together for just and ...

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To volunteer: misssey.org/get-involved/volunteerContact: info@misssey.org, 510-251-2070First Pres liaison: Beth Thomsen MISSSEY (Motivating, Inspiring, Supporting & Serving Sexually Exploited Youth) is an Oakland nonprofit that envisions a world where ...


YEAH! / Covenant House


To volunteer: covenanthousecalifornia.org/yeah-shelterContact: Alina Schenk or Shelby Booker, 510-379-100First Pres liaison: Kathy Dwyer In partnership with compassionate community members in Berkeley, YEAH! (Youth, Engagement, Advocacy, and Housing) provides shelter, case-management, ...

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Harbor House


To volunteer: hhministries.org/volunteerContact: volunteer@hhministries.org, 510-534-0165First Pres liaison: Martha Allen Harbor House is a Christian nonprofit serving at-risk children and families in the lower San Antonio neighborhood of Oakland. ...

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First Pres Street Meal


To volunteer in the kitchen: contact Lars StenstedtTo provide hospitality: contact Marie CorwinTo donate clothing and other items: contact Nancy KoernerFirst Pres liaison: Marie Corwin The First Pres Street ...

First Pres Street Meal2023-07-21T16:06:29-07:00



To volunteer: cityteam.org/oakland/get-involvedContact: Teddy Feldmann, 510-452-3758First Pres liaison: Gary Laymon CityTeam is a nationwide, non-denominational Christian organization serving the poor, the homeless, and the lost. What starts with ...


Berkeley Food & Housing Project


To volunteer: bfhp.org/get-involved/volunteerContact: volunteers@bfhp.org, 510-601-2604First Pres liaison: Marie Corwin The mission of Berkeley Food & Housing Project is to ease and end the crisis of homelessness in our ...

Berkeley Food & Housing Project2023-07-21T16:05:15-07:00

1951 Coffee Company


To volunteer: 1951coffee.com/engageContact: info@1951coffee.org, 510-280-6171First Pres liaison: Mindy Phillips Created in 2015, the 1951 Coffee Company is named for the year when the United Nations Refugee Agency first ...

1951 Coffee Company2023-07-21T16:04:34-07:00

Rotacare Richmond


To volunteer: rotacarebayarea.org/volunteerContact: Amit Randhawa, 510-871-4974First Pres liaison: Marie Corwin RotaCare Richmond offers bilingual medical care to uninsured adults in Richmond, California. An all-volunteer staff provides a range ...

Rotacare Richmond2023-07-21T16:03:55-07:00

Young Life—Berkeley


To volunteer: younglife.org/GetInvolved/Pages/default.aspxContact: Tricia Singleton, 510-280-6163First Pres liaison: Kathy Drake Young Life’s national mission is to give youth the opportunity to hear the gospel and know Jesus Christ. ...

Young Life—Berkeley2023-07-21T16:03:06-07:00
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