Refugees and the Displaced

Together for the Family


Contact: Beth Thomsen, Director of OutreachFirst Pres liaison: Doug Chin Together for the Family was created in 2010 by Izdihar and Riad Kassis, local Christian leaders who ...

Together for the Family2023-07-21T16:14:29-07:00

Project Peace East Bay


Contact:, 510-402-5060First Pres liaison: Mindy Phillips Project Peace East Bay creates partnerships among local churches, schools, and social service providers to work together for just and ...

Project Peace East Bay2023-07-21T16:09:34-07:00

YEAH! / Covenant House


To volunteer: Alina Schenk or Shelby Booker, 510-379-100First Pres liaison: Kathy Dwyer In partnership with compassionate community members in Berkeley, YEAH! (Youth, Engagement, Advocacy, and Housing) provides shelter, case-management, ...

YEAH! / Covenant House2023-07-21T16:07:43-07:00

Harbor House


To volunteer:, 510-534-0165First Pres liaison: Martha Allen Harbor House is a Christian nonprofit serving at-risk children and families in the lower San Antonio neighborhood of Oakland. ...

Harbor House2023-07-21T16:07:00-07:00

First Pres Street Meal


To volunteer in the kitchen: contact Lars StenstedtTo provide hospitality: contact Marie CorwinTo donate clothing and other items: contact Nancy KoernerFirst Pres liaison: Marie Corwin The First Pres Street ...

First Pres Street Meal2023-07-21T16:06:29-07:00



To volunteer: Teddy Feldmann, 510-452-3758First Pres liaison: Gary Laymon CityTeam is a nationwide, non-denominational Christian organization serving the poor, the homeless, and the lost. What starts with ...


Berkeley Food & Housing Project


To volunteer:, 510-601-2604First Pres liaison: Marie Corwin The mission of Berkeley Food & Housing Project is to ease and end the crisis of homelessness in our ...

Berkeley Food & Housing Project2023-07-21T16:05:15-07:00

1951 Coffee Company


To volunteer:, 510-280-6171First Pres liaison: Mindy Phillips Created in 2015, the 1951 Coffee Company is named for the year when the United Nations Refugee Agency first ...

1951 Coffee Company2023-07-21T16:04:34-07:00

YEAH!: One week of meals


In partnership with compassionate community members in Berkeley, YEAH! provides shelter, case-management, mental health counseling, and supportive services to people ages 18 to 25 who ...

YEAH!: One week of meals2021-11-22T09:39:12-08:00

Together for the Family: Food basket


The impact of the economic crisis particularly related to the prices of food is much worse on Syrian refugees who have already been suffering from ...

Together for the Family: Food basket2021-11-22T09:36:29-08:00
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