Opportunity International


First Pres liaison: Kathy DrakeLearn more: Opportunity International works to end extreme poverty through small business loan programs and education. They have worked in developing countries ...

Opportunity International2023-07-21T16:21:30-07:00

Congo Initiative


First Pres liaison: Leah TangLearn more: Congo Initiative works toward a flourishing Democratic Republic of Congo, educating Christ-centered Congolese leaders and developing grassroots initiatives for peace, ...

Congo Initiative2023-07-21T16:20:53-07:00

Duta Wacana Christian University


First Pres liaison: Tom ElsonLearn more: Duta Wacana attracts and supports pastors and leaders who are committed to serving God and the people of Indonesia in ...

Duta Wacana Christian University2023-07-21T16:20:28-07:00

Langham Partnership


First Pres liaison: Doug ChinLearn more: Langham Partnership is an interdenominational organization that works to strengthen the global church by coming alongside national leaders and seminaries ...

Langham Partnership2023-07-21T16:19:54-07:00

Near East School of Theology


Contact: Dr. George Sabra, telephone +9 61 1 738639 or +961 1 329901First Pres liaison: Mae ChanLearn more: The Near East School of Theology (NEST) is an ...

Near East School of Theology2023-07-21T16:19:22-07:00

Roblealto Child Care Association


First Pres liaison: Martha AllenLearn more: Although education is free and mandatory in Costa Rica, many children living in urban and marginalized communities fall through the ...

Roblealto Child Care Association2023-07-21T16:18:51-07:00

Wycliffe Bible Translators


First Pres liaison: Tom Elson Since 1948, First Pres has supported Nadine Burns and her late husband, Don, during their time serving with Wycliffe Bible translators ...

Wycliffe Bible Translators2023-07-21T16:18:04-07:00

Free Burma Rangers


To volunteer: info@freeburmarangers.orgFirst Pres liaison: Kathy Dwyer Under the leadership of Dave and Karen Eubanks and their family, Free Burma Rangers works in the conflict-ridden areas of ...

Free Burma Rangers2023-07-21T16:17:23-07:00

Oasis Africa Counseling Center


Contact: Dr. Gladys Mwiti, founderFirst Pres liaison: Leah Tang Oasis Africa Counseling Center provides psychological support to vulnerable groups in Kenya and beyond. Programs address issues including ...

Oasis Africa Counseling Center2023-07-21T16:16:53-07:00

Project Mercy


First Pres liaison: Leah Tang Project Mercy is a nonprofit organization in Ethiopia working to “renew the heart of a nation” by rooting out systemic poverty ...

Project Mercy2023-07-21T16:16:16-07:00
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