1951 Coffee Company: Milk and coffee beans for barista training


1951 Coffee Company is a non-profit specialty coffee organization, providing job training and employment opportunities for asylees, refugees, and special immigrant visa holders via our two-week Barista Training Program. Given the criticality of employment for both economic stability and social integration, the Barista Training Program was developed as a springboard for trainees  into jobs that pay living wages and serve as a connection point  to the community. Since 2015, 200 trainees have graduated from the Barista Training Program, with 80% going on to find quality employment, earning an average $19/hour, either at one of 1951’s three cafes or one of our partner companies (including, Blue Bottle, Red Bay, Highwire, Equator and Starbucks).

$15 provides milk and coffee beans for barista training

Category: Refugees and the Displaced