1951 Coffee Company

To volunteer: 1951coffee.com/engage
Contact: info@1951coffee.org, 510-280-6171
First Pres liaison: Mindy Phillips

Created in 2015, the 1951 Coffee Company is named for the year when the United Nations Refugee Agency first set forth guidelines for the protection of refugees. 1951 Coffee Company provides job training and employment opportunities for refugees and asylum seekers. More than 200 individuals have completed this free, two-week program, with 80% of the graduates finding good-paying jobs at Blue Bottle, Red Bay, Highwire, Equator, Starbucks, and other companies, or at one of 1951’s three nonprofit cafes. Volunteers support 1951’s barista training by giving trainees mock interviews, real-life work experience, and practice in conversational English. 1951coffee.com

Categories: Refugees and the Displaced,Local