Oakland International High School: Box of groceries for an OIHS family


OIHS provides quality alternative education to recently arrived refugee and immigrant students from 30+ countries who speak more than 35 languages. A great number of these students arrive at OIHS with significant gaps in their formal education, and many have fled war, violence, and extreme economic hardship. OIHS is committed to connecting these students services that support their transitions and participation in their new US homes. Many of these students and families have been hit particularly hard by the Covid-19 shutdowns and are facing housing, food, and other financial insecurity, while managing the digital divide during distance-learning. The school's wellness team and student leaders are working with the Alameda County Food Bank to offer a weekly on-site food pantry, providing weekly food deliveries to families.

$2: Pays for a box of food to be delivered to an OIHS family each week 

Category: Education