Oasis Africa: A library book or textbook for Mashaka Children's Center


Oasis Africa Counseling Center provides psychological support  to vulnerable groups in Kenya and beyond. As part of our community outreach, Mashaka Children’s Center provides care,  counsel, food, and education to 200 orphans and vulnerable  children in a rural slum in Meru. For the Mashaka Educational  Center, education remains a priority as Oasis desires to plant  a seed of change and transformation in these slums. Mashaka  parents cannot afford to purchase textbooks and books for the  school libraries. Indeed, with $3 per day intermittent income from casual labor, they can hardly put food on the table. This year, Oasis desires to set up a library that will be open to all the children. Developing reading habits early in life will enhance their literacy and communication skills as well as assist them in  understanding the content of various academic subjects.  

$6 will buy a library book or textbook for the Mashaka children

Category: Health and Medical