Oasis Africa: Pastor counseling-support session


Wellness for a Pastor is wellness for the congregation.

Pastors are important cornerstones of community. Yet, serving among struggling populations, many feel overwhelmed with congregants’ needs, poor pay, burnout and little self-care. They do not know where to seek help and support. Others are uncomfortable with the role reversal of a counseling session as well as concerns about confidentiality and vulnerability.

At Oasis Africa, more and more pastors across many denominations have, over the years, found a safe place and the numbers of those needing help are increasing especially with the impact of Covid-19.

The challenge is that most cannot afford the small counseling fees we charge. Oasis Africa needs a Pastors Counseling Fund to provide at least four counseling sessions and one self-care group training per pastor. See www.oasisafricawellness.co.ke

$25 will contribute to giving a Pastor one very-much needed counseling-support session

Category: Health and Medical