Project Mercy: Help expecting mothers in rural Ethiopia


Project Mercy’s vision is to renew the heart of a nation by rooting out spiritual and systematic poverty at the roots. One of Project Mercy’s goals is to alleviate poverty for this generation and eradicate it for the next. However, the current generation of expecting mothers needs help to deliver healthy babies. It is common for Ethiopian mothers to lose multiple children before their first birthday due to a lack of trained medical professionals and facilities. With your help, Project Mercy is working to save the lives of mothers and their unborn children by providing prenatal care, delivery, post-natal care, and vaccination at no cost. For women with high-risk pregnancies, the Lie-In-Wait Home gives mothers access to a medical professional 24 hours a day along with healthy meals.

Last year, you helped 604 mothers give birth at the hospital with a trained medical professional. The Maternal Newborn Care Department provided 4,842 prenatal and post-natal care visits for mothers. This increase is a victory because Ethiopian women do not traditionally seek care when delivering their babies. However, as more women seek treatment, the cost to help them goes up. Will you help us save the lives of expecting mothers and their babies?

$25 to help expecting mothers in rural Ethiopia

Category: Health and Medical