Roblealto Child Care Association: School packet (hygiene kit, water, masks)


The pandemic caused gaps in learning for children of all ages living in urban-marginal communities and rural areas; since families don't have internet access and adequate or enough electronic devices to continue children's education. To make matters worse, parents lost their jobs to the pandemic making it even more difficult to maintain their children in the school system; thus, dropout rates skyrocketed. 

In Roblealto, we aim to provide children ages 1-13 a school program that will help them get caught up in their academic process. Given by licensed teachers trained to work with populations in social vulnerability, the goal is to get the children excited and motivated with school again, by carrying out an interactive, well-thought-out program to help them achieve school success. In this program we will have 365 children and the school packet costs $25.

Your support will greatly make a difference, fighting inequality by providing the proper education the Roblealto children need.

Category: Health and Medical