School for Conversion: Meal for WAY Team meeting


"Making surprising friendships possible," is how the School for Conversion works to build beloved community in Durham, North Carolina. A popular education center in the tradition of the folks schools of the labor movement and the citizenship schools of the civil rights era, SFC's Walltown Aspiring Youth program creates small cohorts of youth to focus on personal, spiritual, and community development. The Ann Atwater Freedom Library hosts an archive of Durham-based community activist Ann Atwater's work and a collection of fiction and nonfiction focused on America's Black-led freedom struggle. 

$30 provides a meal for a WAY Team meeting, where teens learn to cook and fellowship together

The PPC is a coalition of hundreds of organizations. While we mobilize together for collective action, it would be hard to say "this $25 to the campaign will pay for X." School for Conversion is both our local partner in the campaign and the fiscal sponsor of the PPC coordinating committee in our state. By supporting the local work of SFC, people can support the campaign.

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