Street Meal: A hot nourishing meal, bagged lunch, welcoming hand


The First Pres Street Meal is much more than hot, tasty food served to 150 of our neighbors who are experiencing homelessness and food-insecurity. It is a loud, energetic, sometimes raucous experience of God's grace. On the second and last Saturday of each month, a team of volunteers opens their hearts-and First Pres kitchen-to work and serve dinner. Guests are welcomed and provided with a hot meal and a bagged lunch for later; coffee or iced tea; clothing, toiletries, two masks and bedding. Time spent with our guests even in a socially-distant way, is a reminder that every life is precious. 

$10 provides a hot nourishing meal, a bagged lunch, and a welcoming hand to someone in need

Category: Refugees and the Displaced