Together for the Family: Food basket


The impact of the economic crisis particularly related to the prices of food is much worse on Syrian refugees who have already been suffering from lack of resources. 

This is the main reason for Together, For the Family (TFF) to help in this dire situation. We will  prepare 1000 food baskets consisting of the following materials: rice, sugar, flour, oil, cheese, pasta, lentils, tea, tomatoes, luncheon meat, tomato sauce, bulgur, beans and chickpeas to be distributed to families throughout the month of Ramadan. The cost of each basket is $30.00 (total of $30,000).

The children whom we care for their education and well-being at our centers need to have at least a healthy hot meal a day. We aim to feed 200 children with a daily hot meal on weekdays for a period of six months. Each meal will cost $2.00 (total of $24,000).

Fulfilling these two urgent needs will achieve at least three purposes:

  • Presenting the love of Christ in a practical way at this hard time that is hitting Lebanon particularly the vulnerable Syrian children.
  • Bringing stability and safety to the Syrian refugees’ camps and surrounding areas. Pierre Al-Khoury, a public affairs researcher and member of the Board of Directors of the Lebanese Economic Association, noted that due to the economic situation Lebanon has not seen such petty crime rates since the Lebanese civil war. 
  • Keeping our children well and healthy as we educate them and equip them with relevant vocational training for a brighter future. 

$30 provides a family a food basket

Category: Refugees and the Displaced