Deep Roots: Tracing Our Sacred Story Through Genesis

In this prolonged season of upheaval, it is hard to feel tethered to one another, to our sense of self, and even to God. More than ever, we long for deeper connections, deeper meaning, deeper truth. But sometimes the best way of grounding ourselves in the present is reflecting back on our past. Join us this fall in worship as we retell the foundational stories of our faith tradition in our new sermon series. From Adam and Eve to Hagar and Sarah to Jacob and Esau, we will ponder the stories of those who have gone before us, those whom God blessed and wrestled with, those who longed for the same things we long for today.

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Scripture in Worship

September 12
Genesis 2:4b-25 | Adam & Eve

September 19
Genesis 11:1-9 | On The Face of the Waters

September 26
Genesis 18:1-15 | Sarah

October 3
Genesis 16:1-15; 21:1-20 | Hagar

October 10
Genesis 19:1-11 | Lot

October 17
Genesis 22:1-19 | Isacc

October 24
Genesis 24:42-67 | Rebekah

October 31
Genesis 27:1-40 | Esau

November 7
Genesis 37:1-11;19-24 | Joseph

November 14
Genesis 38:11-30 | Tamar

November 21
Genesis 49:1-28 | Jacob